The Walking Vegetables – The review How to kill plants and live happy

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1980s, the earth is invaded by a mysterious alien species that has turned any vegetable, vegetable and fruit into a zombie creature. As a protagonist, we will go to the Department Radical, a department of law enforcement born to eradicate the monsters that are invading the planet and save the world.

This is the premise on which today’s video game revolves, developed by Still Running and set in an alternative world with the heavy vintage flavor

Plot and Gameplay:

We’re up against a classic twin stick shooter with a roguelike logic that differentiates every game, also playable in local multiplayer that aims to survive until you complete the area cleanup.

We will be in an invaded city, full of areas and palaces to be reclaimed, there are a number of secret areas in which to find assorted bonuses and boosts, each maxi area compose a chapter and when we will have totally reclaimed every area of the city we will face a late-boss fight.
the walking vegetables

The enemies are of a different nature (literally) and each has its own “trademark move” and its own set of movements such as orange that can split into clusters before dying or the mushroom can shoot spores. Even in the most cramped moments of the game, he holds the shot well and offers an average level challenge, just to have fun in a light way without frustrating the player overly.

Numerous weapons we can locate around (or in the store) divide by type of ammunition (shotgun, gun, plasma, bombs) plus a body gun to also use to repel bullets of enemies by advancing of the game we can by means of goals also unlock interesting skills that can help us in the game sessions.

Graphics and Sound:

We are in the 80’s, so here’s a triumph of pixels and interferences, a glittering palette and a cathode-ray tube TV filter.
If you like the vaporwave genre, the walking vegetables, is a great visual presentation full of references to the culture of the time, the characters drawn by Still Running are many and all are nice.

the walking vegetables
Obviously we are in the vintage world also for the soundtrack, I personally found it pleasant but the long could tire.


The Walking Vegetables is an evolving game, updates for now are constant and add little bugfixes and details, I played around 5 hours and found it pleasant and fun, maybe the full price of 9.99 € is a bit more , but if it inspires you, I suggest you mark it and wait for the right balance to bring it to your steam library.

Marcello Portolan

Uno strano mix genetico sperimentale allevato a fumetti & fantascienza classica, divenuto poi perito informatico, ma con la passione per la scrittura. Un ghiottone che adora esplorare il mondo in cerca di Serie TV e Film da guardare noncurante dei pericoli del Trash e dello splatter.