Atari presents the Speakerhat Blade Runner 2049 Limited edition

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Balance between present and future

Atari, a brand that certainly does not need presentations, has presented in collaboration with the company Audiowear their new example of Wearable Technology dedicated to the sequel to the film’s of Ridley Scott film Blade Runner 2049.

Available now from AtariLife.com at about $ 139.99, the Speakerhat is a baseball cap featuring stereo speakers and a microphone that can connect to any device via Bluetooth.

Atari’s Blade Runner 2049 Limited-Edition Speakerhat.

Designed by the Audiowear engineers to be used by a wide range of consumers ranging from fitness and sports enthusiasts to musicians through the simple curious attracted by the neon look taken directly from the movie’s Sci-Fi atmospheres.

A precious piece for all cult lovers and those who are preparing to watch the sequel with protagonists Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and Jared Leto.

For more information refer to the official page.

Marcello Portolan

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