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A Hat in Time – Review

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Are you among those who like me have missed an incalculable number of hours playing Super Mario 64? then you know that the 3D platform genre has fallen free for some time and that 2017 could put some little bricks for its rebirth,

A symbol of this revival could be the hat? Well I would say that it is a fundamental part of the gameplay of the Nintendo Mario Odyssey game as well as A Hat in Time, successfully funded on Kickstarter and developed by Gears for Breakfast.

Plot and Gameplay:

In A Hat in Time, he plays in the role of a girl (no name) returning home aboard his space station. Because of a mafia sgherer, he will lose all fuel (in the form of magic clocks), making it impossible to return home. Obviously, the objective is to recover the fuel by completing the levels of play, similar to what happened in Super Mario 64 with the stars. The plot is obviously simple and fun, a pretext to immerse yourself in the weird world of the game.

a hat in time

The gameplay as we know from the plot is classic of the Platform 3D, with the progress of the game our protagonist can retrieve it here and in the maps clew and badge the first ones will serve to create hats, which will give new powers to our protagonist to access other play areas.

Badge will instead serve to create additional power ups in the form of caps visible on the hats in play.


The combat mechanics are very simple and the controls (at least in the PC version) are precise, the only problematic being the camera management that has always been the weakness of this style of play is usually automatically placed right but in some cases the manual corrections can bother the tedious player.

The difficulty of the levels is never excessive, the base remains very low and tends to increase somewhat in the presence of Boss fight , despite my easy anger in jumping sequences (with power up in the middle) the situation has never been frustrating.

Graphics and Sound:

A hat in time graphics is nothing revolutionary or never seen, realized with Unreal Engine 3 we are in a 90s atmosphere with very colorful and cartoon style levels with a great variety of settings.

a hat in timeThe worlds I’ve been able to visit are really well-structured, the maps are not small or too simple, but their structure makes it difficult to get lost despite the rich elements of the elements, a great result for a game that is also based on exploration.

The characters are nice and engaging, the result of a well-made character design, the red-haired and rebellious cappuccette of the first world is something of a hilarious one.
a hat in time

Each area will have its main soundtrack, which will also vary according to the gaming situation, never boring is a great accompaniment to the gaming experience

A full-fledged world of collectibles that can provide more than 10 hours of gaming, which also makes gaming easy to play even for a very young player.

Hat in time is a game that is more than recommended to all platform genre lovers, great work for Gears for Breakfast guys who create a solid game (little or nothing bugs in my experience) and very cute graphic if the kids they will insist on the Platform in my opinion they can do great things.
You can find A Hat in time on your PC version of Steam but will be released in the coming months even for PS4 and Xbox One


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