super seducer

Super Seducer: a sim date to teach the art of seduction Announced out for PC and Playstation 4 for the upcoming Valentine's Day

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It all stems from the meeting between Richard La Ruina, an artist of seduction able to write bestsellers on the subject and the boys of the independent studio Fair Play Labs, from the intersection of their ideas was born Super Seducer, the first sim live action dating with the noble intent of teaching us boys the art of seduction.

Super Seducer, announced for PC and Playstation 4 starting next Valentine’s Day (which symbolic date), will try to teach how to increase the possibilities of approaching us men with women through 10 real scenarios that go from the meeting to the park to the one classic in a bar, where in the role of the protagonist we can find ourselves to choose the most appropriate phrases and see the consequences as if we were spectators of a film.

super seducer

More than 8 hours of video and over 500 dialogue choices allow the player to face the challenge in the most similar way to his being, testing his winning strategy with every step; despite what you can think of considering the adult nature of the game, we are in the field of totally nude free.

For more information on Super Seducer, please refer to the official website and here find the Steam link to keep an eye on the game awaiting Valentine’s release.

And you ?? are you ready to test yourself ??

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