SuperGroupies presents its new Natsume Yuujinchou collection! A new fashionable collaboration between SuperGroupies brand and Natsume Yuujinchou

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Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies has announced its new collection, made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Natsume’s Book of Friends” (Original title is Natsume Yuujinchou) anime. Preorders are already open  and this collection comes with four new items based on the Natsume’s Book of Friends: a wallet, a wristwatch, a bag and an umbrella. Inspired by Nyanko-sensei, they are colored with ivory and brown that seems cute and sweet.

Each piece of this collection’s preorder will close on 24th June and will be shipped to customers around September 2018. Let’s see together these gorgeous accessories!


The lovely high class wallet features this anime’s distinctive motifs like flowers, grasses, butterflies and Nyanko-sensei’s footprints. The wallet has also a cat shaped zipper pull charm based on Natsume’s fluffy partner.
It costs 8800 Yen (more or less 80 euros).


The watch features Nyanko-sensei’s footprint and one of his favorites, a sweet Dango. It also comes in his forehead part in the direction of 12 o’clock.  It comes in a white simple yet elegant box with a shiny logo. It costs 13.000 Yen (around 125 euros).


The cute casual bag also comes in familiar motifs scattered throughout the special lining. It’s a fashionable bag, very suitable for night and day and like the wallet, it has a cat shaped zipper pull charm based on Nyanko-sensei. You can also use it as a shoulder bag!
It costs 12.800 Yen (around 120 euros).


Rainy day and you feel down? Don’t worry! Nyanko-sensei’s umbrella will bright your day even in a storm with its white and orange colours. The bottom of umbrella is printed with a very cute scene of Nyanko-sensei trying to catch sparrows. It costs 6800 Yen (around 60 euros).

What do you think about this adorable collection? There are only a few days to preorder them!


SuperGroupies X Natsume’s Book of Friends Official Website

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