Railway Empire

Railway Empire: Build your rail network Establish and develop your railway network and make it fast for American history with this new management game

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A journey through the railroad history that starts from the 1830s, the golden age of steam and which will accompany us from coast to coast for a century of American history, it seems yesterday that railroad tycoon appeared in the video game world, but have already passed 27 years from the exit of this milieu of the tycoon genre, Kalypso Media and Gaming Minds Studio guys have decided to bring the genre back to life with a new game called Railway Empire.

In Railway Empire we will be able to create and modify our rail network, starting from more than 40 faithfully-trained models of trains, which obviously will need stations, maintenance, factories and workforce, keeping up to date with over 300 improvements technological innovations of the 5 epochs of innovation and without forgetting the pitfalls that will bring us rival companies, spies and sabotage.

Railway Empire

The game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting January 26, 2018, but it can already be pre-purchased on Steam with a 15% discount, thus also getting access to the Closed Beta of the first 2 game campaigns and more bonuses like the digital soundtrack and an alternative graphics for the Super Hudson locomotive.

Railway Empire is now also available in store playstation 4 in a console version of which you can watch the video presentation, with the pre-order you will also be entitled to 10% discount

Do not wait to pre-order it, or the train goes off.

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