Crashday: Redline Edition

Crashday Redline Edition developers: thank fans for nearly 1000 mods on Steam Workshop

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Since its release in August 2017, Crashday: Redline Edition has seen its world of warriors growing steadily thanks to the support of fans who through Steam Workshop have added a lot of material to the seven online gaming modes already present.

950 content that players have added to the catalog, including 500 new track and 250 media, basically the gamers have made themselves the game of their wishes and that’s exactly what the developers of the game, the Moonbyte team, would like to thank the fans.

Crashday: Redline Edition

In the list you can find some of the most interesting mod for the game chosen by developers:

  • Total Conversion Winter Mod – Winter has truly come in this complete visual reskin of the Crashday world, blanketing its courses in snow and frost.
  • Derby Stadium – What’s better than mayhem in front of an audience? Crash and destroy your competition in front of thousands of adoring fans. The thunderdome is here.
  • Trackmania United 3– Go wild on a vehicular obstacle course inspired by the popular Trackmania series. Beware its twists and turns of the horizontal and vertical kind!
  • Egypt Map  – Live by the crash creed: nothing is safe, everything is going to explode.
  • FlipCar – This custom vehicle is both fast and furious. Impress your family with this diesel-fueled beast.
  • Buggy – Off-road or on-road, it doesn’t matter with this baby. The buggy will go where you need it to, all while looking awesome!
  • Eagle – Bring about the end times with this blazing fast demon. Every curve is designed for speed and destruction.
  • T-62 – Do you want a fancy fast ride or do you want to blow some shit up? Proving that slow and steady truly wins the race, here’s a tank. Go boom with it.

Crashday: Redline Edition is available on Steam for $ 11.99, very interesting since the game boasts an enviable percentage of positive votes, 93%.

Have you ever played it? what do you think ?

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